Trauma Scene Cleanup & BiohazardHandling the Most Delicate and Sensitive Cleanup Services with Care and Industry-Standard Protocol

At DALLASWHITE, we specialize in Trauma Scene Cleanup and Biohazard Services. Handling chemicals and biohazard materials is highly regulated because of the dangers that exposure to toxic chemicals and blood-borne pathogens can pose to anyone that comes in contact with chemicals or pathogenic materials. The risks are significant enough that the U.S. government has established legislation on chemical and biohazard cleanups. We adhere to local, state federal and OSHA guidelines in our protocols for the removal and disposal of chemical and biohazardous waste products in both liquid and solid form. The protocols we follow for disposal include specific methods of incineration, recycling, special treatments or transportation to landfills to ensure environmental safety.

Our Guarantee

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, you can take comfort in knowing every aspect of your project will be professionally managed by our expert team. We will work with you through every phase of your project to ensure that we construct your vision in quality structures.

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