Coronavirus (COVID-19) Property Sanitizing

  • DALLASWHITE  is prepared to respond to the emergent need for the sanitizing of public areas utilizing Environmental Nonpharmaceutical Interventions (NPI). All surfaces have the potential to harbor and spread the Coronavirus. DALLASWHITE is ready to fulfill public safety needs at the Federal level, as well as the private sector. DALLASWHITE’S NPI plan implements the use of specialized equipment, chemicals, personal protective equipment (PPE), etc. to disinfect voluminous spaces and all potentially affected surfaces.  Our NPI plan includes the use of disinfecting agents tested by the FDA that are proven to eliminate >99.99% of select viruses including MS2 virus, which is considered a “surrogate” testing virus to the current COVID-19 virus. The CDC has confirmed there is no vaccine available at this time and is recommending sanitary precautions to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • Dispensing of sanitizing agents into potentially affected areas via aerosol, will treat airborne pathogens along with latent pathogens deposited on horizontal surfaces, furniture, fixtures, etc. The single most important part of this process is the proper use of specialty equipment that can treat hard to reach areas which are likely to be affected. This is particularly important when treating viral diseases like COVID-19, as the main vector for transmission is the inhalation of the aerosolized virus.
  • DALLASWHITE has a well-known reputation for its rapid response mitigation efforts in the wake of national, area-wide, catastrophic events. We are committed to aiding in the national attempt to contain and minimize mortality rates related to the COVID-19 viral pandemic. Our NPI plan is aligned with the community mitigation strategies as recommended by the Community Interventions for Infection Control Unit (CI-ICU).

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